Sports Performance Facilities

Sports Performance Centres are the reason for our existence. Back in 2012, we were a bunch of frustrated athletes who couldn’t source quality equipment to improve sports performance. Since then we have had the pleasure of working with a huge range of sports teams ranging from Ulster & Irish Rugby to local Gaelic Clubs looking to implement some Strength & Conditioning into the club.

Redeveloped Ravenhill Stadium, Belfast 2/4/2014 General view of the gym area Mandatory Credit ©INPHO/Presseye/Darren Kidd

The above image is the High Performance Gym at Ulster Rugby. We were contacted by The S&C department at Ulster Rugby in 2012 to install their High-Performance Gym below the stand in Ravenhill. After surveying the facility a plan was put together. With over 40 tonne of equipment to be carried down a small staircase with limited access this was no easy task.

Regardless of the level of the client our process is all the same. We start with a consultation where our team will listen to your vision & objectives as well as discussing the space you have available.

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Athletes need to work of a huge different variety of qualities such as strength, power, speed, conditioning, coordination and prehab / rehab.

For starters we design your fitout, including equipment specifications and flooring suggestions. Then we present it to you in photo-realistic 3D, so you’ll know exactly what it’s going to look like. Once you’ve approved the design we book you in with our own specialist installation team.


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We work with a number of quality brands and manufacture our own range of equipment to provide you with the end to end solution specific to your needs. BLK BOX equipment is designed by athletes for athletes.

The sole reason we exist was out of sheer frustration of not being able to source quality equipment which improves performance when it matters…. We have one critical rule here:

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Regardless of your budget and size available to you we are able to transform it completely where the training of your athletes will never be the same. The space arrangement is not only the location of the equipment over a detailed diagram plan but it means creating the ideal environment for your workout.

Football Association of Ireland Testimonial

With excellent customer service, efficient responses and knowledge of what athletes need in there gym in order to gain maximum potential in performance and muscle development through fitting the gym with the correct equipment to cater for the athletes and coaches involved, it made my job as project manager very easy. EFP Gyms were very knowledgeable in what would work best in the space provided while also keeping in mind what I actually needed for my athletes in order to maximse training efficiency. I would highly recommend Gregory and his team if anyone is looking to get any size of gym fit carried out weather it be at home, in a sports club or for commercial use. With Over 8 years of International Experience across a wide variety of sports I would endorse EFP Gyms as matching anything in terms of service quality, delivery and price that I have worked with or used to fit gyms in the past. Gerry Kelly Dip BSc Msc Sports Management & Performance Science & FAI International Teams Operations Executive


Our Sport Facility Design Framework follows the below steps;

  • Location of your equipment in accordance with due safety distances to train in the right way.
  • Creation of an industrial design as only the most innovative gyms can boast.
  • Right choice of the floor with the exact measurements (absorbent and non-slip rubber flooring, synthetic grass for indoor and outdoor environments, athletics tack for indoor and outdoor environments, short tracks: tracks intended for sprints and to train with equipment like sleds, cones and obstacles.

Below is the Functional Training area we created for The National Athlete Development Academy where the All Ireland Champions Dublin GAA train at.


In the summer of 2013 we were contacted by Jason Cowman the Strength & Conditioning coach for the national team to install the new performance gym at Carton House. Due to the tight schedule of the team we had to complete the project within 72 hours whilst they were in France playing a test match. The old equipment had to be decommissioned and stored in a container with the new equipment all having to pass through a small entrance way in the prefab.


After the success of our fitouts for Ulster Rugby & the Irish Rugby team we successfully won the tender for the design & fitout of Brighton & Hove FC Performance Gym at their new £30m training centre.