CrossFit Boxes

So you are planning to open a BOX? You have come to the right place. We have had the privilege to work with some of the top CrossFit Boxes around.

Our design & engineering team are made up of CrossFit Athletes and can help design your facility for maximum functionality. Regardless if you are starting from scratch or planning to expand our team are highly qualified to ensure your layout is efficient, your members are impressed and your equipment list is scaled to your needs.

Getting Everything Out of All you have got: Managed to get your hands on an awkward shaped warehouse which you aren’t sure will work? Speak to our team to see if we can customise your equipment to ensure you are maximising the space you have. All we need is a floor plan or the team could do a site visit.

Visual Appeal: Our design engineers can take the risk out of opening your own box. Let’s be honest opening your own business is daunting. We have been there ourselves. Our team can show you exactly what your gym is going to look like before you invest. These CAD drawings are 100% in scale which allow optimal flow throughout your facility & prevent any bottlenecks. These can be used as a great marketing tool to presell memberships and get some PR or to help secure funding from the banks or an investor.

This feature will look at some of the Crossfit Boxes we have worked with. For an in depth
case study of CrossFit Ireland click here

Reebok Crossfit NI



CF Derry

CF Cavan


CF Cookstown