Case Study: Design & Fitout of CrossFit Ireland

We’ve had the pleasure of working with a number of industry leading boxes across Ireland and UK. This case study focuses on the design & fit out of CrossFit Ireland in Dublin.

In April of 2015 we were contacted by Derek & Colm from CrossFit Ireland about designing & outfitting their new gym. After an initial email exchange the boys travelled up to our HQ to try out our equipment.

As they hadn’t quite secured a facility in Dublin yet we left it that they would contact us when they found the suitable facility and that one of the BLK BOX team would come to survey the premises.

After finally finding the right premises we arranged a time for us to come & survey the building to obtain the correct measurements and to discuss Colm & Derek plans further.

After visiting their empty facility we put together some basic drawings for the guys to approve before progressing onto an electronic 3D CAD. This is the exact process we follow with every project we do which involves using AutoCad software it all starts with a trusty pencil & piece of paper.


Next we put together an unrendered CAD for the client to approve. Thankfully we were all singing off the same hymn sheet and the render didn’t require any modifications. At this stage we can identify potential bottlenecks in terms of training flow or potential safety hazards through collisions by having too much equipment packed in to small spaces. We can easily modify the layout & equipment selection before progressing onto the final concepts.


The beauty of our advanced CAD software is not only that it provides you a visual of exactly what your gym will look like but it also allows for us to determine the exact quantities of equipment required. Our CADs are 100% in scale taking out any guess work & allowing us to be 100% accurate. Below are some of the 3D CAD’s we were able to put together for the guys at CrossFit Ireland to help build some buzz & hype before opening.


Crossfit Ireland CAD


Our 3D CADs are then converted to a 2D plan to allow our installation team to accurately install the equipment exactly where it should be taking out any guess work out of the equation.

Due to the dynamic nature of a rope climbs and gymnastic ring work we were able to strategically place each anchor point at a safe distance apart to prevent from any athletes from colliding with each other to the millimetre. Likewise the rig & platforms had to be in an exact position with no room for error.



The guys at CrossFit Ireland had struggled to find the perfect facility for them searching for months and months. Once they signed the lease and placed an order it took our team less than 13 days to manufacture custom equipment and to install their new gym. Just to give a bit of context the industry norm is at best 4 weeks to manufacture equipment with most manufacturers taking somewhere between 8-16 weeks. Aside from the quality of our equipment our short production times are something we are extremely proud of…

Throughout the production process we kept the guys up to date with regular updates and images of their custom equipment being manufactured to help them build some hype ahead of their grand opening.



Next up came the installation. When the guys placed their order by paying the deposit we were able to give them an exact time & date 13 days later. On the Thursday the BLK BOX installation team arrived on site and had a small task of laying & cutting almost 400 of our 1x1mx15mm antlislip mats as well as a 10 bay custom freestanding rig with high bars amongst an arsenal of other toys ahead of the gyms opening the next day.

Custom Made Smart Storage

Often an oversight in most gyms we are a huge fan of using smart storage. We were able to calculate exactly how many bars, plates, wall balls the guys had to ensure that every piece of equipment had a place to be stored off the floor to ensure their gym looked amazing and the floor space was free. (Wall Mounted Fractional Plate Storage had not been installed when this picture was took.)


Custom Branding

It is important to remember  that off the shelf equipment brings off the shelf performance & results. If you give your clients & athletes the best and they will give their best back. Thankfully the guys at CrossFit Ireland understood this and embraced our philosophy. 

We like to educate our clients on the cost of sameness and encourage them to stand out from the herd & be unique by celebrating their own brand. We laser cut the CrossFit logo into the pull up bars throughout the custom made rig before coating it in our Signature Matte Black Textured Finish.

When you work with BLK BOX the options are truly endless – You the customer are the CUSTOMISER. We were able to print logo onto the central inlaid platform. Aside from the custom manufactured rig we had to meticulously sand by hand 15 inlaid platform inserts before coating with a triple protective anti-slip coating to ensure longevity. All crafted by skilled artisans here from our HQ in Belfast.


Continued Support & Promotion

Throughout the process we have constantly tried to promote the new facility through our social networks and database to ensure the guys hit the ground running.

On completion of the installation we keep in regular contact to see if the guys need anything else as well as continuing to co-promote their facility. Below is a video of an athlete doing some strict Muscle ups on our Custom 10 Bay Freestanding Rig with High Bars.

Rig looking good @crossfitireland 💪 #MadeinBelfast #CrossFitIreland #MuscleUps A video posted by BLK BOX (@blk_box_) on

Images of our inlaid Platforms being put to use during a class at CrossFit Ireland


Testimonial from Derek Davies – CrossFit Ireland


“We initially spoke with BLK BOX about designing and building our rig for CrossFit Ireland because their equipment looked good. We stayed with them because their equipment was excellent, as was their attitude to dealing with customers. We had a vision of how we wanted our facility laid out and they made it real.

From the initial email and phone conversations, to handing Greg a pencil sketch of what we wanted to build, to the day their team arrived to assemble the rig. They kept us informed and involved through the entire process. We wanted high rigs for muscle ups, no problem, samples of the pull up bar coating before we made a decision, no problem. When we wanted to powder coat the rig an exact blue to match our company logo that was no problem either (details matter!).

I can honestly say, I have no regrets in choosing BLK BOX as our supplier for our rig, flooring and storage for CrossFit Ireland. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone who is fitting out a home gym or a commercial facility.”

You can browse some of the other images of the facility by clicking on the thumbnails below. If you would like to get a custom quote from the BLK BOX Team you can do so by clicking here

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