Barn Conversion – Design & Gym Fitout

Early in 2015 we were contacted by Pauric O’Rourke to explore setting up his own Strength & Conditioning Facility. Pauric had struggled to find the right place in his home town where he had built up a good client base but he did have a barn at his house which was the perfect size but was unsure of its suitability for a gym.

A member of the BLK BOX Team went to Pauric’s and surveyed his premises. During this consultation we were able to measure the space available and determine if the barn was suitable for a gym. We were able to learn more about Pauric’s vision for the gym and learn more about his proposed business model.


Try before you buy

Upon returning back to our premises we were able to send Pauric some concepts and layouts which were totally in scale to the exact space available.

This helped Pauric visualise exactly what his gym was doing to look like before investing money and minimised the risk for him as it allowed him to see exactly what equipment would fit it.


Equipment selection

Due to the building being a barn conversion we were able to modify our wall mounted Rig configuration to ensure it was 100% secure and safe. The beauty of our rigs is that they are totally modular so that if you want to switch them from a wall mounted rig to a freestanding one it can easily be switched.


The rig we provided for Pauric came with a range of our attachments including our Hip Thruster, Landmine, Spotting arms and Dip Station.

Prouke1 (1)

In terms of flooring we provided our anti-slip 1mx1mx15mm mats. These mats are simple to install and do not require any gluing or nasty adhesives. This was an important to Pauric because it allows him to reuse the same floor should he expand or move to a new premises. In addition to our rubber flooring we installed 3 metres of our synthetic grass to allow for prowler pushing and other conditioning with the teams Pauric works with.

We also provided 2-40kg of our Hex Dumbbells, Jerk boxes, GHD, Dual Adjustable Pulley, Jerk Boxes and lots of other toys to give the dream Strength & Conditioning Facility.


In the video below Pauric takes you on a tour of his facility on opening day.

Below are some additional images of the gym with some local GAA teams using the facility.

Images of Design & Fitout of Pauric ORourke Studio