Timmy Graham Weightlifting Workshop

This Saturday we have Timmy Graham coming to our HQ to deliver a hands on Weightlifting Workshop this Saturday from 10am to 4pm

The workshop will be delivered by Timmy Graham, Peter Stewart (who is current British Masters Champion), Emma Allerdice & some other top athletes who are trained by Timmy & Peter.


The course will cover

-Warm up & mobility
-Clean & Jerk

-This workshop will also teach you useful drills and assistance exercises to improve your technique and correct technical problems.

-Your technique for both lifts will also be assessed and you will be provided with detailed feedback to improve your technique.

-We will finish things up with a Q&A with all the coaches to help ensure you get all the information you need for yourself & your clients.

Below is a video of one of Timmy’s Athletes Emma Allerdice who is one of the countries top weightlifters with a 72.5kg snatch at our HQ recently

The content will be targeted towards PTs / Strength & Conditioning Coaches and other Fitness Professionals who are looking to learn weightlifting from two of the top coaches in the country. It will also be beneficial to any intermediate to advanced lifters.

It will cost £50 for 6 hours of high level coaching which is a fraction of what this event should cost.

You can pay on the day or online by clicking here




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