Thinking About Opening A Gym?

We Understand What It Is Like

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Opening a gym isn’t as straightforward as many people think. Gone are the days of filling a room with cardio and other obsolete machines and putting a sign above the door. The market has evolved and it is more competitive as ever. 

When you work with BLK BOX we like to know everything about your business and your plans when we work together (Be prepared to be asked a lot of questions). We take a simple approach to business. You succeed, we succeed. We take a personal interest in your business to ensure your venture is as successful as possible. We don’t compromise in business or training & we don’t think you should either. 

What Equipment Is Available?

We are a one stop shop for a quality facility offering expertise & independent advice. Most equipment suppliers & resellers are tied to one or two global brands who don’t care much for the ‘small fish’, independent gyms or small business owners. We made a conscious decision not to adopt this approach. We prefer to be totally impartial and be able to recommend the product that is 100% right for each & every individual client. Our team are not salespeople trying to reach sales targets for a healthy commission. If you are in the market for endless cardio and obsolete resistance machines you are in the wrong place. We specialize in the design & fit-out of functional training-centric gyms which give you a huge ROI.

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I Have Obtained A Quote From A Different Company Which Is Cheaper. Can You Match It?

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That being said we aren’t the cheapest company around nor do we want to be. There will be cheaper companies for certain products but when you pay shipping for products from multiple suppliers we are confident that there is no other company who can match our quality at the same price point for an end to end gym fittest solution. We also spend a lot of time to customize everything to make sure your venture is as successful as it can be, this is done in the form of site visits, consultations, gym design & equipment selection advise, 3D CAD drawings, business & marketing support and other added value services. That aside ere are a couple of questions to ask when comparing multiple quotes:

  • Am I comparing like for like products? Not all equipment is created equal.
  • What gauge of steel are the products I have been quoted for?
  • Is it customized to match my brand?
  • Does the price include VAT?
  • Do the company have a proven track record with proper testimonials?
  • What is the guarantee like?
  • Does the supplier have a showroom or are they just reselling other products?
  • Do they test their products?

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