Thinking About Opening A Gym?

We Understand What It Is Like..

Opening a gym isn’t as straightforward as many people think. Gone are the days of filling a room with cardio and other obsolete machines and putting a sign above the door. The market has evolved and it is more competitive as ever. End users are becoming more knowledgeable about fitness and are able to discern a quality gym in an ultra-competitive marketplace.

When you work with BLK BOX we like to know everything about your business and your plans when we work together (Be prepared to be asked a lot of questions). We take a simple approach to business. You succeed, we succeed. We take a personal interest in your business to ensure your venture is as successful as possible. We don’t compromise in business or training & we don’t think you should either. We take a simple approach to business. You succeed, we succeed. We take a personal interest in your business to ensure your venture is as successful as possible. We don’t compromise in business or training & we don’t think you should either.

Below we have put together some of the most common questions we get asked by people who are opening a gym. It should be stated that this is a lengthy post if you are serious about building a proper facility grab a cup of Joe and Enjoy the read. It will be time well spent to see what is possible when you work with BLK BOX and to ensure you dream facility becomes a reality. 

Can We Visit The BLKBOX HQ?

We welcome and encourage you to come visit our HQ in Belfast. All strength equipment is not created equal, seeing what you are going to buy is important.  We have lots of equipment here and potentially we can show you better ways to design your gym. Prefer to touch as opposed to just seeing? Bring your gear and be ready to work our Performance HUB isn’t a fancy showroom – it’s a facility where real athletes training on a daily basis with our own team pushing the boundaries testing equipment day after day.. Coming from outside of Ireland? Let us know and one of the team will be there at the airport to pick you up.

Coming from outside of Ireland? Let us know and one of the team will be there at the airport to pick you up.

Can You Visit Our Location?

Yes, we can, we always start every project with a call or emails but we regularly visit clients facilities. Physical examination of the facility is not always required for a successful project with our AutoCAD drawing capability. All we need is architectural drawings and a few Skype consultations.


This approach has allowed us to design gyms across the world including France, Bulgaria, London & Australia without even setting foot in the building thanks to our AutoCad capabilities and expertise. We follow the exact same system for every fit out. When we do a site visit one of our team will be able to measure your facility and discuss the project in more detail.

Where Is BLK BOX Equipment Made?

The vast majority of BLK BOX Equipment is manufactured right from our HQ in Belfast and is back up with over 50 years combined engineering experience.  We are proud to be a local manufacturer and employer.

All of our designs are tested under real use applications by elite athletes and experts in strength training from our BLK BOX Performance Hub before being released to the marketplace. There are certain pieces of equipment which we design here in Belfast but get it manufactured from our partners in The Far East and other locations due to us not being able to manufacture as competitively here in Belfast. As previously stated transparency is one of our core values – We make it perfectly clear where every piece of our equipment comes from. Regardless of the origin of the product, you are guaranteed the same premium quality across our range.

What Equipment Is Available?

We are a one stop shop for a quality facility offering expertise & independent advice. Click To Tweet

Most equipment suppliers & resellers are tied to one or two global brands who don’t care much for the ‘small fish’, independent gyms or small business owners. We made a conscious decision not to adopt this approach. We prefer to be totally impartial and be able to recommend the product that is 100% right for each & every individual client. Our team aren’t salespeople trying to reach sales targets for a healthy commission. If you are in the market for endless cardio and obsolete resistance machines you are in the wrong place. We specialize in the design & fit-out of functional training-centric gyms which give you a huge ROI. With every piece of equipment we sell we adopt the same philosophy – Buy once, buy for life.

We prefer to sell equipment which we can stand over the long term. Sure it may be a little more expensive initially but buying cheap imported equipment is a false economy resulting in you having to buy again in the near future. We do have a number of key partners & suppliers of quality brands including Concept 2, Keiser, Woodway, Eleiko and a select few others. In essence, we can provide everything that you need to have a quality functional facility. We save you the opportunity costs with spreadsheet shopping, juggling multiple suppliers by taking care of everything in a seamless fashion, allowing you to focus on running and growing your facility.

I See You Have A Number Of Attachments For Your Rigs & Racks – I Have Bought My Rig Somewhere Else, Can You Make Them To Fit It?

This is a question we get asked on a daily basis. Unfortunately, we are not able to supply attachments for Rigs or Racks that have not been designed or created by ourselves here. Due to not knowing the quality of other gym equipment brands.

Can CAD Drawings Be Carried Out?

Yes. We have AutoCAD compatibility to show you a visually appealing image which you see your facility with our equipment accurately depicted. To read more about our AutoCAD process click here. These renders can then be used to help secure funding or to pre-sell memberships if you have a private facility. It should be stated that we don’t do these for every single fitout we do but speak to our team to discuss this further.


I Can’t See A Piece Of Equipment On Your Site Which I Would Like – Do I Have To Go Somewhere Else?

No you don’t. As stated in point * we are a one stop shop offering an end to end solution. We can pretty much supply any piece of quality equipment required. We don’t publish every piece of equipment as it creates a paradox of choice and confuses people. Speak with our team and we will be able to recommend the exact equipment to satisfy and excel your requirements. We have a number of key quality partners for specialist equipment and can also manufacture custom equipment to suit your needs.

How Do I Pay?

Our website is fully e-commerce which is perfect for smaller orders below £1000 generally. Our normal payment terms for large turnkey facilities are 50% upfront to begin processing the order with the remaining 50% balance to be paid before dispatch/installation. We do have a number of independent finance partners who can offer an attractive payment plan – after agreeing a quote proposal we can put you in touch with them to explore this avenue further. If you are based outside of Northern Ireland & UK and have a registered VAT number we do not have to charge VAT which should save you 20%.

I Have Obtained A Quote From A Different Company Which Is Cheaper. Can You Match It?

This is a question we regularly get asked, particularly from people who have to obtain multiple quotes for grant purposes.

We pride ourselves on being competitively priced with unrivaled warranties, guarantees, and support. Click To Tweet

That being said we aren’t the cheapest company around nor do we want to be. There will be cheaper companies for certain products but when you pay shipping for products from multiple suppliers we are confident that there is no other company who can match our quality at the same price point for an end to end gym fittest solution. We also spend a lot of time to customise everything to make sure your venture is as successful as it can be, this is done in the form of site visits, consultations, gym design & equipment selection advise, 3D CAD drawings, business & marketing support and other added value services. That aside ere are a couple of questions to ask when comparing multiple quotes:

  • Am I comparing like for like products? Not all equipment is created equal.
  • What gauge of steel are the products I have been quoted for?
  • Is it customized to match my brand?
  • Does the price include VAT?
  • Do the company have a proven track record with proper testimonials?
  • What is the guarantee like?
  • Does the supplier have a showroom or are they just reselling other products?
  • Do they test their products?

Who Designs Your Equipment? Is It Not Cheaper To Use A Local Welder?

We have a team of design engineers and athletes with a combined experience of over 50 years. All of our designs are severely tested in the field and perfected under the watchful eyes of those who use and live it every single day before it becomes a part of the BLK BOX line. We have a strict ethical code we abide by here. You will never see us selling gimmicky equipment or FADs. This is why we started to prevent suppliers taking advantage of customers selling equipment they do not need.

We have seen people use local welders with equipment failing or worse causing injury. We have invested heavily in our manufacturing infrastructure with our equipment being laser cut with the precision of 0.3mm – Not to mention we have a magnitude of attachments which fit our rigs which save you space & money whilst adding functionality. With the greatest respect to the most experienced welder/fabricator, these components are not easily replicated. Our rigs & racks are totally modular also which allows you to easily add extra units or change your configuration seamlessly – again this is not easily replicated.

How Much Is Delivery?

Our deliveries are extremely affordable. We can send up to 30kg for £4.95 on next day delivery with a pallet costing as little as £40. We generally include an accurate delivery quote with every order or occasionally throw it in for free depending on the size of the order. We can deliver anywhere in the world across Europe and even to Australia and further afield.

Do You Install The Equipment?

We can indeed. We have a full installation team who have kitted out gyms for Ulster & Irish Rugby to a small 8sqm home gym. Here is a video of our installation team installing equipment for CrossFit Ireland – you can read the case study by clicking here

Here is a timelapse of our team installing a performance gym for Armagh GAA

Although we do offer an installation service around 98% of our customers would install our equipment themselves as it is slightly cheaper than our team traveling to you. As we are a bunch of trainers ourselves we have designed our equipment to be easily installed as possible. We have also designed our equipment to be cost effective to ship worldwide. Most products come with an installation guide & videos to ensure you are up & running as quickly as possible.

What Warranty Do You Offer?

Due to the wide range of products we offer it is beyond the scope of this blog post. You can view all of our warranties by clicking here. In shor, we offer a lifetime structural warranty on our steel work (Paint finished excluded)

I Am Thinking About Opening A Gym. How Much Does It Cost?

We get asked this question a lot – Although it is almost an impossible question to answer we try to help each & every person making this request as possible. Firstly it matters on the business model adopted. The barrier has never been so low to open a gym, there are more properties available & more equipment suppliers. We have kitted out studios for a little as a couple of thousand with the client returning when they are ready to expand. We have put together packages to suit a variety of business models & training methodologies. We wholeheartedly believe that at the current time of writing these packages are some of the best in the industry in terms of quality, price point, customisation options all as an end to end solution. You can view our packages by clicking here.

What Maintenance Is Required On A BLK BOX Turnkey Facility?

Our equipment is rugged and requires little maintenance other than routine cleaning. Quality strength equipment costs about 1/20th to maintain than cardio or resistance machines. We have clients who we kitted their gym out several years ago with the place looking almost identical to the opening day. A service kit is available for purchase on large facilities

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