What Sled Will Suit Me Best?

What Sled Will Suit Me Best?

Sled training is becoming a very popular type of training for professional athletes to weekend warriors with so many benefits, so much so they go beyond the scope of this article.  In this article I will give a brief description on the differences between each sled, with some video demonstrations. A question we get a lot is:

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Dog Sled

This is the ultimate sled for any large group training sessions or partner training sessions. The Blk Box dog sled comes with 4 poles so it can be pushed in both directions without having to take time to turn the sled around for the next person to go. 4 poles instead of 2 mean people do not waste time lifting the poles out to put them in for the next person. 4 holes in each corner of the prowler allow the dog sled to be used with straps and harnesses.




The ‘Blk Box Prowler’ is somewhat similar to the dog sled, the prowler is T shaped and has a low horizontal handle on the front, a nice variant that makes pushing even harder because it is from a lower position. A common phrase used in prowler training is a “Gentleman’s Turn” for the next person in line to push The Prowler. This can waste time and effort during the training process. The three points of contact allow the prowler to glide over surfaces a little easier.




Speed Sled

The speed sled is primarily used for improving acceleration, the Blk Box speed sled is a compact piece of equipment that comes with 1 pair of pulling straps.