High Performance Studios

We’ve created our high performance studio package for one reason. Help trainers open their own dream facility with minimum fuss. The barrier to open your own gym used to be high until we disrupted the market. It used to be it would take at least £50k to open your own place. Now we can do it in a fraction of this price with better quality equipment that is going to stand the test of time.


We’ve consulted with some of our most successful clients and observed what is working in the marketplace to help ensure your first business venture is a successful one.

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The best part of a high performance studio? Once you are ready to expand onto bigger & better things your equipment is totally modular allowing you to add in more squat bays or to change your configuration from a wall mounted rig to a freestanding one. Below are some of the advantages of working with our team to get your dream facility up & running:

Advice on a highly effective training system which matches your skill set and business model.Complete Customisation to compliment your brand and maximise your space.
End to End Service from consultation, 3D CAD drawing, equipment & flooring supply.
UK / Ireland based Installation team with Worldwide Delivery available.
Finance Available.


No more expensive treeadmills or obselete machines eating away at your budget and space. Our PT studios give the best return on investment whilst requiring minimal investment. With a studio like this you’ll be looking to move into a bigger space in the near future due to its effectiveness.

For a 1000 sq foot studio we would recommend a list of equipment like below:

2 bay FS rig with landmine, hip thruster, spotting arms
bar & bumpers
Storage rack with selection of hex dumbbells, wall ball, bells etc
Concept 2 or ski erg
2 Plyo Boxes

Adjustable Bench



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