Which Barbell Is For You? [Second Edition]

Quality Over Quantity.

We have a range of Barbells available here at BLK BOX HQ suiting people of all abilities and ages, but let us tell you about our favorite; The Belfast Bar. An important consideration when purchasing equipment is the quality of the product and warranties offered. One of the reasons we have invested heavily in our showroom with an open door policy is because transparency is a core value of ours. We are confident that our equipment is unrivaled in terms of quality, lead time and warranties, as well as being at a fair price point.

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Obviously, there are cheaper options but ask does this include VAT and what is the warranty and the after service like? We are extremely selective about the products we sell because we want to stand over every product.  The fitness industry is ruined with people selling equipment to make a quick buck and taking advantage of uneducated buyers.This is our WHY. We wanted to stop this. We aren’t the cheapest nor do we ever want to be but if you want quality equipment which is totally customized, at a fair price, when you want it and with great service then get in touch with the team.

The Belfast Bar

Not just a revolution in engineering, but ultra smooth spin quality too. The beauty of this bar is definitely in the design detail. Bars can often look the same, but performance and longevity can only be obtained through the pursuit of excellence.

The evolution of the barbell is continuous, and it’s what brought us to here. Known as a training bar, simply for its hybrid nature, and lack of certification, but none the less meticulously crafted from high-quality industrial grade materials and components.

What Is It’s Best Use?

With the rise of functional fitness and regular inclusion of Olympic movements within various training environments. Our Belfast bar ticks all the boxes, along with some modern comfort features such an omitted center knurl, black zinc diamond knurl combination provides a grip that offers superior grip without the tearing of many sharp ‘pure’ weightlifting bars along with a stack of needle bearings to boot! This is a great all-purpose, functional strength, Olympic, and All-Round lifting bar.

Features & Specification   

For all of our weightlifting geeks, we understand you like stats, numbers, and percentages. Therefore, let us share ours with you!


  • Black Zinc Shaft for durability and excellent ‘bar feel’. Zinc has a smooth, and well rounded feel, slightly satin in appearance, and gives the sensation of lifting bare steel.
  • Peaked Diamond Knurl pattern provides an excellent gripping surface without the ‘sharpness’ of other grips which is more likely to tear the hands in high volume sets.
  • Hard Chrome Sleeves containing no less than four precision needles bearing EACH, for comprehensive smooth spin.

Bar Spec: